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Fleet Management System(FMS)

The Fleet Management System (FMS) optimizes vehicle fleet operations by tracking, scheduling maintenance, managing fuel, and analyzing performance to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


Fleet Management System Overview

Explore how FinTash's all-in-one solution revolutionizes fleet operations, offering seamless management, tracking, and optimization tools for businesses.

Empowering Decision-Making

Discover the distinct advantage of FinTash's robust history tracking feature, securely recording every operation and alteration for informed, data-driven decision-making

Comprehensive Vehicle Management

Delve into the seamless and efficient maintenance of vehicle records, custom package creation, and real-time ride tracking facilitated by FinTash's intuitive interface.

Holistic Fleet Management

Learn how FinTash provides a holistic view of your fleet, ensuring easy access to essential documents for vehicles and customers, streamlining operations efficiently.

Key Features


Efficient Vehicle Records Management:

Effortlessly manage vehicle profiles. From recording details to updating information, our ‘FinTash Fleet Management System’ simplifies every aspect of vehicle management. Streamline your operations and ensure accurate and up-to-date records.


Custom Packages for Tailored Pricing:

Create custom packages with ease. Define vehicle specifics, set pricing, and incorporate additional fees as needed. Adapt to the dynamic needs of your fleet operations effortlessly.


Comprehensive Rides Tracking:

Stay on top of every trip. Track rides, dates, and customer details seamlessly. The command centre for your fleet’s daily operations.


Flexible Custom Fee Over kilometre’s:

Need pricing flexibility? No problem. Adjust fees dynamically with our Custom Fee Over Kilometre’s feature, ensuring fairness and adaptability.


Precise Travel Timing Management:

Efficiently plan journeys with our ‘From-To’ feature. Optimize schedules and enhance the precision of your fleet operations.


Secure Document Management:

Ensure compliance with secure document management for both vehicles and customers. Your essential paperwork, always at your fingertips.


History Tracking for Informed Decision-Making:

Track and learn with our History Tracking feature. Analyse past operations, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive your fleet management to new heights.


Navigate through a user-friendly dashboard that presents crucial fleet data at a glance. This feature gives a clear overview of your entire fleet, empowering you to make informed decisions efficiently.

Our Pricing & Plans

FMS for Monthly


Upgrade your business with our FMS web application. Use full functions of FMS module



What’s included

FMS for Yearly


Upgrade your business with our FMS web application. Use full functions of FMS module



What’s included

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