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Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamline customer relationships with our powerful interaction tools, revolutionizing CRM solutions.


Effortless Insights

Access comprehensive customer profiles instantly with FinTash CRM, optimizing decision-making and time management.

Personalized Profiles

Capture comprehensive and diverse customer details seamlessly with FinTash CRM for enhanced service delivery.

Customized Organization

Effortlessly categorize your customers with FinTash CRM, simplifying database management for improved efficiency.

Empowered Capabilities

Utilize FinTash CRM's flexibility to collect and analyze intricate customer data, ensuring exceptional service

Key Features


Professional Customer Management:

Manage customer profiles effortlessly. From creating to updating and removing records, our ‘FinTash Manager’ simplifies every step, ensuring an accurate and updated database for top-notch service.


Streamlined Document Management:

Streamline document management using our ‘FinTash CRM Manager.’ Upload diverse documents tailored to customers, ensuring a clear history and interaction overview for each.


Comprehensive History Tracking:

Our ‘FinTash CRM Manager’ meticulously logs every customer data change, offering insights into interaction evolution. Rest assured, your securely stored data enables reference to past actions.


Effortless Data Migration:

Switching to the ‘FinTash CRM Manager’ is seamless. Easily import customer data from other systems for a smooth transition. Exporting data for other applications is simple, ensuring flexibility and integration ease.


Tailored Access Permissions:

Ensure data security with FinTash by setting precise access permissions. Authorize specific actions—editing, deletion—limiting sensitive information to authorized users.


Maximum Data Security:

Deleted profiles retain complete history, ensuring accountability and compliance via tracked changes in our secure database.


Visualize Essential Data:

Use our intuitive dashboard, grouping vital customer data by company for a clear overview, empowering informed decisions.


Employee Comments:

Enable employee comments on customer profiles, fostering team collaboration, communication, and alignment in managing interactions.


Unlock Your Customer Potential

The "FINTASH CRM Manager" isn't just software – it's a catalyst for optimizing your customer relationships. By using our comprehensive suite of tools, you'll transform scattered data into actionable insights. Seamlessly manage, analyze, and enhance your customer interactions, driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, your business success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your customer management to new heights with the power of "FINTASH CRM Manager."

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CRM for Monthly


Upgrade your business with our CRM web application. Use full functions of crm module



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CRM for Yearly


Upgrade your business with our CRM web application. Use full functions of crm module



What’s included

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